The Message is The Message

Your Brand Is Not A Logo

Hello all. I’m Marc one of the founders of Hone, a guy that has spent way too many years helping businesses become brands. Something I know, and truly stand behind, is that your brand isn’t a logo or tagline or fonts or colors or pictures of peoples, places or things.

A brand is a message. A resonant message — that connects wildly with its consumers, users, fan boys/girls and hopefully a whole bunch of people that don’t even know it exists.

Doing It All Wrong

Early on at Hone, we found that our story — or maybe you think of it as our Value Proposition — was not so simple. If you’ve read, Lean Start Up, you know that besides learn, learn, learn and pivot, that defining your target market fit and achieving a value prop around your target that can distill into an elevator pitch, means everything to the success of your pre-seed business.

Instead we found that our true salient points — Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) and Not So Unique Selling Props — were vast. Or in other words, the things that we want to tell our targets that differentiate ourselves and build trust were actually more than what can be shared within the rules. Basically what makes us great is our depth of distinction and value, a bunch of messages that add up to something more.

Our series of messages help establish who we are, what makes us different, why you should care and believe, and also help you to understand that we know our marketplace and targets exceedingly well. What we have created is going to deliver on our brand promise: we will provide better, more meaningful matching, while getting you there in a fun, game-like experience.

What Are These Messages, Marc?

Well, I am glad I asked. Over the next several blog posts I am going to take all of our messages and write mini blogs explaining each specifically, what they mean, why you should care and how they come to life in Hone. Amongst the favorites proclaimed by those within our “Target Market Fit,” are:

• Breaking you apart to put you together
• You are the sum of your parts.
• Welcome to the Dater Base.
• You are more than just a pretty face.
• Hone a better reflection of you.
• Repositioning the perfect 10.
• What you think you want is often what didn’t work.
• Admiration is more than just a swipe right.
• Hone means to narrow. Hone means to sharpen.

If these messages intrigue you, and you want to truly understand what, why and how. Keep tuning in. Or get on the waiting list, and get ready to Hone.

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